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Your vote should mean you get a government that makes it easy to stay informed with your representatives and understand how your government works for you.

I believe when representatives engage their community where the community is, the needs of the community are better addressed, and there is more agreement on the actions needed to achieve our goals.

  • Provide specific measurables for policy Focus Areas, with updates presented at least every quarter

  • Develop a shared direction for the Ward, driven by the community

  • Providing visible accountability and direct access by regularly conducting open office hours in community spaces

  • Improve email and text communications, and explore a community-run newspaper

  • Work with the City to improve website usability and identify other digital engagement tools

Focus Areas

Fireman Holding Hammer
Office Work

Safe Streets

As a Marine Corps and MN Army Guard veteran, I understand the stakes involved with safety. The folks of Ward 5 deserve to feel safe in their home and community. To achieve that, we need to support our existing Public Safety staff and also find more opportunities to reduce the potential for crime from the beginning.

  • I will work to expand existing resources,

  • Re-establish Neighborhood Youth Corps,

  • Support Appropriate Response Initiative, and

  • Establish a pipeline for active community members to become Peace Officers.

Economic Development

Having served on the North End Development Team and the City's Neighborhood STAR Board, I understand the need to support the growth of existing businesses and create more businesses in our Community.

  • I will work to expand apprenticeship and on-the-job training programs in schools,

  • Re-formalize a Neighborhood Development Center in the North End,

  • Work with the City to improve awareness of business resources, and

  • Champion and foster community-initiated development


A place to call Home, and the ability to reasonably afford it, is something everyone wants. I have faced the decision to pay for rent or food and have been housing unstable, so I deeply understand the need to facilitate an affordable home for all St. Paulites.

  • I will work to make easier to access emergency, short-term, and long-term housing,

  • Partner with the City, businesses, and education institutions to find creative housing options, and

  • Foster a one-stop community service model.

Responsible Government

St. Paul residents are

hard-working, honest folks, and should expect that their tax dollars go to a government that works just as hard for them.

  • I will be visibly accountable and accessible to our Community,
  • Work to ensure the concerns of residents are heard and followed up on,
  • Make it easy to stay informed of activities, opportunities, and programs available in the Ward,
  • Expand engagement and communication with residents

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